What I am good at

Customer Success Management

Results-oriented  customer success professional in the tech industry who specializes in quality customer success, customer retention and productivity.

Highly experienced in software-as-a-service customer success and dedicated to providing excellent customer service and making operational and procedural improvements.

Motivated to learn, grow and excel with customers.

Project Management

Dynamic project management professional leading all phases of complex and diverse projects. Consistently achieved strong record of project timelines and budgetary targets while not impacting efficiency.

Solid presentation, negotiation and communication skills with keen abilities in planning, goal setting, strategy implementation and follow-up. Recognized for consistent success in developing the processes and procedures to streamline operations and enhance revenue.

SaaS Onboarding

Enthusiastic, eager to contribute to team success through hard work, attention to detail and excellent organizational skills. A clear understanding of SaaS tools and strong knowledge and experience with the implementation process and training.

Forward-thinking and resourceful implementation professional with diligent mindset and disciplined approach who is successful at using judgment and advanced technical acumen to make positive impact.

Fun Facts

Got awarded a scholarship in a group of 20 out of 584 applicants by the Swedish Institute.

Generated over SEK 100K by selling more than 1900 stickers specially designed for MacBooks

Visited Iceland, Hong Kong, South Africa, Macau, The North Cape, The Cape of Good Hope